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Exciting Redevelopment Plans for Urban Supply in Parkside

Introduction to Urban Supply’s Revitalization

Urban Supply, a highly anticipated redevelopment project in Parkside, is set to transform underutilized warehouse buildings into a bustling hub for retail, restaurant, and office spaces. This mixed-use redevelopment initiative is focused on the historic buildings at the west end of Birmingham’s Parkside district, aiming to create a vibrant, walkable entertainment destination that connects surrounding neighborhoods.

Project Overview

  • Developer: Orchestra Partners
  • General Contractor: Shelby General Contractors
  • Architecture Team: Justin Collier Architect, Monument
  • Civil Engineering: Kimley-Horn
  • Landscape Architecture: PLOT Studio
  • Property Management: Moore Company Realty & Property Management

Urban Supply’s mission is to become Birmingham’s premier destination for food, beverage, fitness, fashion, and outdoor retail. The project’s initial phase will introduce pop-up tenants, such as the local retailer Cahaba Cycles and the innovative retail concept Garage Sale, breathing new life into the historic district with an outdoor-friendly atmosphere.

Vision and Development Progress

Inspired by its history as a supply district, Urban Supply aims to reimagine a two-block area with a nod to its past as grocery warehouses. Plans include establishing a market center focused on local food and culture, contributing to the revitalization of the district as outlined in the Parkside master plan. This vision is gradually coming to life, marking significant progress towards the project’s completion.

The Future of Urban Supply

Envisioned as Parkside’s “living room,” Urban Supply is designed for community relaxation and engagement. Efforts are underway to rehabilitate buildings for various tenants, including those in fitness, retail, and food services. With openings anticipated in late 2024, Urban Supply promises to be a community hub, offering a schedule of outdoor events and creating a dynamic space for both residents and visitors.

Orchestra Partners: Pioneering Urban Redevelopment

Introduction to Orchestra Partners

Orchestra Partners is a forward-thinking planning and redevelopment advisory firm, renowned for its hands-on approach in revitalizing downtown districts. The firm distinguishes itself by not only crafting redevelopment plans but also ensuring their successful execution.

The Vision Behind Orchestra Partners

Established in 2015 by visionaries John Boone and Hunter Renfroe, Orchestra Partners is on a mission to blend historical preservation with modern revitalization, working in close collaboration with city officials and stakeholders to foster community-enhancing projects.

A Collaborative Redevelopment Approach

Orchestra Partners innovates with a collaborative method that integrates urban planning, site design, seed capital investment, and real estate development. This approach facilitates the transformation of downtown areas into vibrant, walkable communities, offering comprehensive support to property owners through planning, financing, and development phases.

Parkside: A Beacon of Quality and Innovation

Parkside’s Industry Recognition

Parkside stands out in the print and packaging industry, recently earning a nomination for the Stationers’ Innovation Excellence Awards. This accolade underscores the company’s dedication to quality, innovation, and the exceptional effort of its team, as highlighted by global sales director Paula Birch.

Commitment to Sustainability

Parkside is also committed to environmental sustainability, offering a suite of eco-friendly packaging solutions. Its industry-leading compostable duplex laminate films represent the company’s effort to reduce environmental impact, providing sustainable options for food packaging.

Industry Accolades and Sustainability Focus

The company’s innovative approach has garnered multiple awards, including a Gold award for its paper-based seafood packaging and a Bronze for its compostable soft fruit pack. These achievements emphasize Parkside’s role as an industry leader, continually advancing sustainable and innovative packaging solutions.

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