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PARKSIDE PERFORMANCE stands out with its extra-high-performance products, offering a unique blend of quality, innovation, and power. Below are the key features that distinguish PARKSIDE PERFORMANCE from the standard PARKSIDE range:

  • Quality and Value: PARKSIDE PERFORMANCE is synonymous with exceptional quality at an affordable price, ensuring high performance without financial strain.
  • Innovative Selection: A constantly evolving selection of innovative tools meets the needs of both DIY enthusiasts and professionals.
  • Enhanced Power: Tools in this line boast enhanced power capabilities, ideal for tackling demanding tasks and projects.


For those in need of robust power tools and machine accessories, PARKSIDE PERFORMANCE is the go-to choice. The line includes a variety of powerful tools such as jigsaws, drill screwdrivers, and high-pressure cleaners, all designed to support your projects.

Get Started with PARKSIDE

PARKSIDE equips you with all the necessary tools for your next DIY endeavor, offering powerful solutions for both workshop and garden tasks. Embrace the DIY spirit and achieve success with PARKSIDE’s reliable tools, echoing the sentiment that “The greatest success is achieved by doing it yourself.”

Inspire your DIY journey with the power of Arnold Schwarzenegger, featured in the PARKSIDE campaign video, and discover how self-reliance can lead to impressive outcomes.

Innovative Technology and Connectivity with PARKSIDE App

Discover the new PARKSIDE app

The PARKSIDE app enhances your tool experience with smart connectivity features:

  • Powerful Technology: Connect and control smart batteries and tools via Bluetooth® with the PARKSIDE app, streamlining your project management.
  • Optimal Settings: Customize your tool settings through Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi connections for peak efficiency and productivity.
  • Direct Support: Access a wealth of resources including guides, FAQs, and a dedicated service team, alongside the latest PARKSIDE® news and promotions.

To download the PARKSIDE app

Visit the App Store and search for “PARKSIDE app” to unlock a world of connectivity and innovation for your PARKSIDE devices.

Achieve Professional Results with PARKSIDE Brushless Motor

Parkside Performance Line Overview

The Parkside Performance Line, a notch above the standard green line at Lidl, offers:

  • Enhanced Design: Black, brushless tools that are a step up in performance.
  • Exclusive Range: These tools are not compatible with X20V Team battery packs and are sold exclusively in shops.
  • Superior Performance: Designed to outperform standard Parkside tools, providing users with a more robust tool experience.

Budget-Friendly Option for Occasional Use

For non-daily users or those on a tight budget, the Parkside Performance Line presents:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: A practical alternative to high-end professional tools, offering significant savings for occasional use.
  • Practicality: A sensible investment for those who require reliable tools without the need for daily, heavy-duty use.

New Additions to the Parkside Performance Line

The latest “Performance” line includes:

  • Innovative Tools: A cordless 3-mode rotary hammer and other improved tools.
  • Continuous Improvement: A commitment to enhancing the tool line, reflecting Parkside’s dedication to user satisfaction and efficiency.

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