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Parkside’s Brand Reputation Compliance Global Standards Certification

Parkside’s Achievement of AA Rating in BRCGS Certification

Parkside, a premier flexible packaging manufacturer, has been awarded an AA rating in its Brand Reputation Compliance Global Standards (BRCGS) certification. This prestigious rating not only underscores Parkside’s unwavering commitment to compliance, safety, and hygiene in the manufacturing of packaging but also positions it at the pinnacle of food safety certifications recognized globally.

Benefits of BRCGS Standards Certification

The attainment of the BRCGS accreditation by Parkside is a testament to its exemplary standards, offering a multitude of benefits to organizations worldwide:

  • Enhanced Safety: Significant reduction in product recalls, complaints, and rejections.
  • Global Recognition: Acknowledged by retailers worldwide, minimizing the need for repeated audits.
  • Increased Market Opportunities: Bolsters customer confidence, paving the way for new business avenues.

Importance of BRCGS Certification and AA Rating

The BRCGS, formerly known as the British Retail Consortium (BRC), is a leading entity in brand and consumer protection, boasting over 29,000 certified suppliers across more than 130 countries. An AA rating from BRCGS signifies the zenith of compliance with stringent quality, safety, and consumer protection standards, serving as a hallmark of excellence for manufacturers globally.

Expansion into the Irish Market

Easy Access to Other European Markets

Venturing into Ireland offers businesses the key to unlocking Europe’s most significant economic bloc, the European Union (EU), thus presenting access to a vast consumer market.

Strategic Partnerships for Market Expansion

U.S. companies benefit from leveraging strategic partnerships within Ireland for a spectrum of business activities, crucial for swift and effective market penetration across the EU.

Advantages of Exporting to Ireland

Ireland stands out as the only English-speaking member within the EU and the Eurozone, offering U.S. companies:

  • A pro-business environment
  • Access to a well-educated and networked business community
  • A digital and e-commerce ready market

Collaboration with INDYCAR for Parkside Collectibles

Introduction to the Collaboration

Parkside Collectibles Inc., a pioneer in the trading card industry, has partnered with INDYCAR to bring the high-octane excitement of North America’s premier open-wheel racing series into the hands of fans and collectors globally through uniquely designed trading cards.

Details of the Partnership

  • Announcement Date: February 8 marks the announcement of this groundbreaking partnership.
  • Launch Date: The INDYCAR trading card collection is set to debut on March 1, offering an exclusive engagement with the sport.
  • Collection Highlights: The trading cards will feature iconic drivers, memorable race moments, and historic milestones, capturing the essence of INDYCAR.

Impact of the Collaboration

  • Enhanced Fan Experience: This collaboration aims to deepen the connection between the sport and its enthusiasts.
  • Engagement with New Fans: The reintroduction of INDYCAR sports cards is poised to attract new followers, expanding the fan base.
  • Innovation in Trading Cards: The launch of this collection marks a new era in the trading card industry, offering a fresh and dynamic medium for fans to engage with their favorite sport.

This strategic alliance between INDYCAR and Parkside Collectibles signifies a notable advancement in enhancing the fan experience and promoting the sport through the exciting realm of trading cards.

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