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Parkside DIY offers a range of products under the PARKSIDE PERFORMANCE line, known for its extra-high performance. This line includes professional tools that are black, brushless, and slightly more expensive than the standard green line. The tools in the PARKSIDE PERFORMANCE line are not compatible with X20V TEAM battery packs, but a new performance line is set to be introduced in the shops. These new tools will also be brushless and black, offering a step up from the green line while being compatible with all X20V Team battery packs.

Quality and Selection with PARKSIDE

PARKSIDE is known for providing quality products at affordable prices. The brand offers a great selection of tools and accessories, with new options constantly being added to their range. Whether you are working in the workshop or tending to your garden, PARKSIDE has everything you need to tackle your DIY projects effectively.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and PARKSIDE

Arnold Schwarzenegger, a symbol of success, is part of the PARKSIDE team, embodying the spirit of taking things into your own hands. With tools from PARKSIDE, you can be inspired by the power legend himself and achieve success in your DIY endeavors. The brand’s commitment to providing powerful tools at the best prices ensures that you have everything you need to succeed in your projects.

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